You are Unique

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Think of all of the individuals who live or actually lived on our world since the start of time. And none born is like you! Just what a miraculous thing is to be you! Nobody gets the same mix of talents, skills, sorrows and opportunities. No-one gets the same friends, household jokes, acquaintances. No one‘s finger marks are the same. No-one have the same concerns or targets as if you. No one! You’re unique!

Accept, revel and enjoy this uniqueness. You don‘t have to pretend to look more like other expect you to be. Don‘t be afraid to be different. No one in the world has the same points going on in his mind, soul, spirit as are going on in yours. It is a gift only to you. Treasure and discuss your uniqueness!

Nobody can speak your terms. Nobody can smile your smile. No one can bring the same unique impact of you to another person.

Enjoy your uniqueness, let it flow out amoung your family and friends, all the people you meet.

Give yourself away and be inspired by the fact that you are UNIQUE!

chiragYou are Unique

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