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the number one thing that’s going to change your life you only think that will change your life change your business change your money changing relationship is you must raise your standard.your life can be too big to allow yourself to play too small the only thing that changes their life long term is when we raise our standards it means that all of us in life have things we want we don’t get what we want we get what we have to have what you’re looking for and what you’re talking about and what you need is self-discipline self-discipline as the very term implies comes from the self it comes from it comes from when you make a decision when you make a decision to be better when you make a decision to do more and to be 4y think the one thing that discipline definitely does help you live is itit helps you get things done and when you get things done when you you actually do things  you have more success make some choices with your choices are going to get new results new results you’re gonna get transferred when you no longer willing to tolerate something that’s when your life changes habit you’ve got the brainpower you’ve got the energy development cabbage success we know that one of the things about high achievers they all have gold so literally without goes your directionless you will be used to people without goals get used by other people who have them people that don’t have goals work for people who do but you know about Michael Phelps what allowed to be able to push beyond that moment is this rituals go study the guy most people swim have these unbelievable workouts he does two and three of the workout sessions a day all the other swimmers in the beginning thought he was insane an overtrained you can’t do that it’s not physically possible but he had a standard and the rituals to back it up if it was easy everybody would everybody would be doing it they’re always gonna be ups and downs but I think it’s really how you really don’t get back on your horse and keep going forward and I think the biggest thing that I’ve always says never give up and I’ve I never have nobody ever should they want something bad enough they’ll get it after work for ya it’s not gonna be easy but if you want it bad enough he’ll do whatever it takes to get there if you look at great athletes for example it’s not that they were naturally talented but whether it’s a Kobe or Michael Jordan or Federer it was the quality of their rituals if you think you can make a difference it requires commitment the pro goes to work and it doesn’t matter if you’re sick doesn’t matter if you have kids doesn’t matter what you you’re a pro and you go to work and that and that just it puts it in your head that this is what I do if you don’t do the work steadily everyday like an athlete going to the gym and practicing if you don’t do the work if you don’t act on the ideas if you don’t integrate them if you don’t show some self-discipline no idea will work unless you do the work everyone in the world has a list of things they think they should do I should lose weight i should work out I should work harder I should I should I should I should you know what what changes people’s when you should comes must then suddenly he said should happen it has to happen after you unless you take some new action unless you start thinking some new Fox unless you start having some new conversation unless you have the guts to clean up some of the things are not working and install some of the new rituals that will work nothing will change the road to success is through commitment through the strength to drive through that commitment when it gets hard and it is going to get hard and you’re going to want to quit sometimes but it’ll be colored by who you are and more who you want to be you have only one life so don’t waste it.

chiragRead this for today’s motivation

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