Never give up

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It is a story about how essential has been persistent and in no way give up, regardless of how numerous failures you have encountered in the past.

The man was spending his holiday in India. 1 day he watched the elephants passing by. To their great surprise these huge strong animals were held only by the small rope, tied in order to their front leg. Certainly, they could easily try to escape any moment. However, these elephants did not.

Then this individual saw that elephants keeper.So he asked him, how can this happen that not really a single elephant can make an attemp in order to free themselve’s. The keeper explained: „When the elephants are extremely small, we use the exact same size rope to connect them, and at that will time it really is enough in order to hold them. Gradually these elephant grow up, get more powerful, nevertheless they never try to get away, as they think that the rope will certainly still hold them.

The guy was stunned. These solid animals could break free any kind of time, but they do not, simply because they believed that will this is impossible.They don’t even try it.

Occasionally people act like elephants, when they give up after the first failing. Remember, that failures are usually part of learning. If we want to succeed, we ought to never quit, but attempt and try again.

Main takeaway 

The only time you don’t fail is the last time you try anything — and it works.

~William Strong

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chiragNever give up

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