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We all know what is right, what is wrong,what we must do and what we Mustn’t. But then looking at so few successful people around us its surprising that  so many of us know what to do but still don’t do it? why is it such way??

There are thousands of books,videos and money back tutorials out there then why only 1-2% people successful???

We’ll try to find out answer to these question below and if you want to directly move to Motivational stories then select category from menu…

What holds us back….


How many of you just moan and sigh and complain about their jobs or their colleges or just their current situation.”I’m sick and tired of these job”  but never do anything about it.Well….that’s most of you.

We want success but what we actually want is success without doing anything .And that is THE problem . It’s a trouble because in order to be successful , we need first be willing to achieve whatever it takes . That signifies we must be willing to tolerate any  level of suffering before achieving the desired goal . Success without commitment is impossible.

If you are one of them then don’t worry ,you are not alone. In fact its basic human nature to be comfortable with routines and avoid pain.The key to having the power of motivation work for you is to control the two most basic experiences humans have – pain, and pleasure. When you can control pain and pleasure, you can follow through on the necessary process of achieving a goal. Any time you fail to achieve a goal it’s because you have pain and pleasure working against you. So just shake your comfort zone .Of course we don’t want too much of discomfort otherwise that pain will only paralyse you instead of taking actual action.


The wealthiest place on earth is not the gold or diamond mines but it’s the graveyard.Because there we will find inventions that never where exposed to.Ideas and dreams that never became reality.Hopes and aspirations that were never actively applied.

And these all happened because of “LACK of ACTION”.

LACK OF DESIRE(self-doubt)

Action is necessary but with that you need strong desire

The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential… these are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence.


All great success will start with action to a idea, but to keep it burning we must fuel it with desire.One thing that you can do to increase desire is “set a trap”.Consider this instance.

Once a casino manager wanted to quit smoking.He knew that its impossible for him with so little desire.So what he did was he wrote outside his casino “catch me smoking and get 1 million”.What happened is unknown but you can create similar traps for yourself.Like to start your own business you may sign resignation letter(If you can live with that).

If we want to succeed then we must control fear that causes self doubting which quickly reduces our desire.The key to tapping into the power of motivation is  to have a radical awakening to what prevents us from achieving success, and then to have the requisite desire to overcoming these barriers.We are often lost in helplessness and self doubt.Doubt that weather we can achieve it or not? We lack the confidence to even start when we have no desire for something.

For that you must have compelling Reasons that will overpower your self doubts

Motivation can be understood by nature of desires.There are two types of it..1]desire of pleasure and 2]desire to avoid pain.Desire to avoid pain [procrastination] is stronger one.So its essential to use fear for our benefit.


The power of fear has two outcomes on you

1]Prevents taking any action:-This is how the power of motivation works against us. As long as we are self doubting, we hesitate to take action. Unless you are able to overcome your fear of failure, you will naturally not progress from you present circumstances.

2]Motivates you to take action: In the same way that fear of failure prevents you from taking action, it can also help you to move towards your major goals. The process is one in which you keep the commitments that you make to yourself. It is something which resembles a personal contract with yourself. What is important to note at this point is that fear is not always debilitating, if properly harnessed it can be a positive force in your life.

It’s important to use fear to sustain motivation and not against us.

Fight your fear and you’ll be lost in battle forever.

Face your fear and you are free

———-Lucas Jonkman

What we must do

Set a clear goal(discovering life purpose)

Michael Bolduc had said in his book that .”Everything is created twice. Once in our imagination and once in reality”.And its absolutely true.Just think about it…It’s impossible to reach a destination if we don’t know the destination itself!!

It does’t matter if we reach that goal or not the key here is trying and again trying.Sometimes the journey itself is so great and beautiful that it won’t even bother if we reach our destination.

If it’s good,it’s great.If it’s bad,it’s experience.

If you don’t know you life purpose then there TED’s video which you should watch.below is the transcribed video in short.

answer each question below.

1]What you really like to do:-what is that one thing that you feel overqualified and ready to teach anyone any time.

2]Who do you do it for.

3]What do they want or need so that they come to you.

4]How did they transform as a result of what you gave to them.

That’s next someone ask’s about what you do just tell them last answer you gave [i.e. fourth one] .like I may say I share information with people since I’m a b logger.

There are some mistakes that people make while setting goal which are

1]Not setting everyday goals:-This does not mean you don’t set long term goals.Both long term and short term goals are necessary.If you set only long term goals then you will procrastinate and when deadline comes near you will actually start doing something.Just think like in college when you would actually start studying.I can rightly say with my experience that at lest 80-90% students would start  at most a week before.

2]Not believing your own goals:-It is well discussed in fist part.But still I’ll quote this..

Quote on goal

3]Not enough motivation:-If get above things correct then only thing that separates you from success is lack of motivation.95% of achievement is linked to motivation, only 5% of success is knowledge.And I hope that these motivational stories will help you get enough motivation.If you don’t ammunate yourself enough to follow your goals then you will probably also not go after it.


Now that you have your life purpose it’s important to focus on it.There’s one tale in Mahabharata which will tell you power of focus

Dronacharya was a great teacher.Once he was teaching his students archery.He placed one clay parrot on a tree and said “Aim at parrots eye”.Fist student came and took his posture. Donacharya asked “what do you see”.He said I can see trees,leafs,parrot,mountain and many more.He then said release you arrow.It missed.Then came second student.He asked him same question.Student replied “I can also see trees,parrot’s eye and other things”.When he left his arrow,it missed too.Now came Arjuna and took his posture.When asked the same question he said “I see parrots eye”.Donacharya  asked him once again “Are you sure?? can’t you see leafs,fruits and other stuff??”.He replied “No sir.I can only see his eye”.Dronachaya told his to release his arrow and that went straight to parrots eye.

Well these story is self explanatory but what you must do is ask yourself  how focused you are while doing things.Do you concentrate on surroundings like mountain and trees or on actual parrots eye???

Many will say that focusing is not that easy as it appears in story.In today’s word we have ,facebook friends,whatsapp friends and some real friends here are some tips given by sandeep maheswari for focusing in today’s word.

1]Define Why:-why do you need to do it.It may be because you want tons of money,to look good,to be happy etc..

2]Where to focus:-that would be your goal and your strengths.

3]Evaluation,Discipline and habit:-this is really stopping to see exactly where you are and face the truth. You need to make a realistic and honest assessment of your current situation. That is tricky for people. Most people do not do that. Most of us live on one of two ends of a continuum. We either have our head buried in the sand doing the busy work thing and avoiding the pain of looking at the cost of our procrastination has cost us. Or it is at the other end where we are in that self-deprecating mode: “I’m a loser.” or “It’s hopeless.” “I should get out of the business.”

Now once you start Evaluating it is important to make it a habit which is possible only though discipline.You must remember that willpower is a limited resource so you must necessarily have discipline to keep going.If you are against what I just said “willpower is limited” then be sure to watch this video.Also Look in our motivational stories for Colonel Sanders who failed for 1009+ times before achieving any real success.Now that’s focus!!

The power of motivation

Andrew Carnegie said, “People who are unable to motivate themselves must be content with mediocrity, no matter how impressive their other talents are.” Not every motivational tip will work for you, but some of them will. Don’t settle with mediocrity. Learn which tip or combination of these tips work for you. Before you know it, you’ll be enjoying the rewards of motivation.

Disappointments and failures happen to everyone. The difference between those who reach their goals and those who don’t is “Staying Motivated”. If you’re motivated, you’ll keep going. If you keep going, eventually you’ll reach your goal.It’s actually possible for a person who’s troubled by poverty to get motivated and turn almost everything all around directly into a life of wealth. Motivation gives you us the passion that we all want.

Most of you argue that you have to do more for less.Which makes your job harder and harder.In such times , it’s a better to remember that the perks were never the reason that you took the job.You knew that this job well take hell out of you but you still took it.The difference between then and now is lack of motivation that is making your wok harder for you.You should remember that there could be consequences to abandoning a job just because you don’t feel motivated to do it.

Don’t let your past determine what future possibilities are.What you got in past does’t reflect possibilities for future.The future is unfolding for you now.No one knows what you are capable of and how vast amount of potential you hold.In fact you too come in “No one”.

Life is indeed unfair but what matters is what are you going to do about it.

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